Artful Acrylic Roving for creative spinning!

Electric Experience Roving

Electric Experience

Silvery white roving with smooth brightly colored fibers in red, purple, blue, green and yellow.

$1.95 per ounce

Calypso Roving


Colorfully blended textured roving of turquoise, purple, blue, pink, green and yellow.

$1.95 per ounce

Symphonic Roving


Soft white roving harmoniously blended with notes of colorful threads blue, green, yellow, purple and pink.

$1.95 per ounce

Firecracker Red Roving

Firecracker Red

Smooth white roving blended with red textured fibers that pop!

$1.95 per ounce

Tuson Yellow Roving


Tuson Yellow

Like the warm sunshine of a bright afternoon with smooth white roving with textured yellow fibers.

$1.95 per ounce

Iced Denim Roving

Iced Denim

Dark blue denim colored textured fibers blended with soft white icy colored roving.

$1.95 per ounce

Licorice Whip Roving

Licorice Whip

Black silky soft roving with smoothly blended white fiber threads.

$1.95 per ounce

Cotton Candy Pink Roving

Cotton Candy Pink

Deliciously soft and sweet to spin.

$1.95 per ounce


Natural White Italian Metalic Acrylic

Imported Italian Stellina Oro

Deliciously soft roving blended delicately with fine golden threads. Wonderful to spin by itself, ply with another yarn or add a little “glitz.”

Sorry this item is SOLD OUT



* Roving sold by the ounce starting from 4 ounce increments and up!

We try to do the best we can photographing fibers to display their true colors. However, each computer may vary slightly with color variations.

To order email or call 828-692-7373

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