Red Clay Soap

Made with 100% Goat Milk

get dirty. live clean.

Red Clay Soaps

Great reasons to try Red Clay Soap:

  • 25% goat milk in each bar
  • The same alpha hydroxy acids used in anti-aging creams are found naturally in goats milk
  • Naturally high lactic acid content makes goat milk soap an excellent moisturizer
  • Those with dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, or dermatitis have all reported great results using goat milk soap Goat milk soap provides a natural boost for strong and shiny hair

Smiling GoatList of *fragrances: Cherry Cherry, Rosemary Mint, Lemon Verbena, Patchouli Honey, Herbal Wild, Bermuda Spice, Evergreen Twist, Sandlewood Rose, Pumpkin Spice, Twisted Citrus, Unscented

*Note: some fragrances are made only seasonally.

$5.50/bar of soap

Red Yarn Separator

Lilly Brush

Lilly Brush
  • Lilly Brush quickly and easily removes 100% of pills on all natural fiber sweaters including cashmere, cotton, wool, angora, and many blends
  • Removes pet hair and lint from clothing and upholstery
  • Fits in purse or briefcase for on the go touch ups
  • No batteries to recharge, or rollers to refill
  • Cleans easily with light soap and water
  • Engineered and manufactured with customer satisfaction and product durability in mind

Two colors to choose from: Red and Black
$12.00/lint brush

To order email or call 828-692-7373

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